Sunday, December 28, 2008

Listen to a Half Hour Interview with Me Discussing the Bioregional State

(The politically crushed zero-emission, no-oil, all-electric, 'EV1' cars by General Motors, from the movie Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006))

Today we learn more about politics that stop sustainability, and politics that can implement it. I just finished a 30 minute interview webcast via BlogTalkRadio, talking about the bioregional state. Listen for yourselves here or here (scroll down to my name, click 'play').

It was on James Robey's Radio Show for the Water Fuel Museum. The typical discussions of this program run to the material, though we stretched some minds on how important it is to think of political organizations of democracy to protect more optimal materials from political corruption that can demote them and that has demoted them in the past.

After listening to it myself, I thought it was a good discussion of some themes of the bioregional state.

You can share the link and listen to the recording online; and you can download the program from this other page.