Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lighting out for the Territories

I'm commencing this blog. We'll see how it goes. I tend to post a great deal on Indymedia centers, on various issues so perhaps I will polish some of those texts here as essays or news commentary--and how they relate to the issues of democracy, sustainability, and how they are the same thing (and how unsustainability and repressive neocon-fascism are the same thing.).

So here's a little testament for what's in store.

1. I support civil rights for all on any 'ascriptive' issue (gender, ethnicity, sexuality, handicapped status, age, and religion) because I think that political biases in these are an excellent way to approach how both unsustainability and lack of democracy are maintained worldwide--through particular informal elites supporting various regimes in the above as means to assure demotion of more universalistic right as well as distraction to more GEOGRAPHICAL self-interests shared by many people materially in the same areas.

2. I fail to see how a concern for democracy contradicts with sustainability or requires a totalitarian framework to impose. I'm unregisted for any particuar political party, and I believe that systemic formal changes are required to get to sustainabilty that bring out more democracy through added ecological checks and balances on informal power steering states toward unsustainability. As my first book (to the right on the page here) Toward a Bioregional State (2005) attests, the only use for totalitarian government is if you want to engineer unsustainability, instead of sustainability. More democracy is more sustainability. Solving one issue solves the other. I tend to ignore recommendations (or others blind spots) to treat these issues separately, when issues of HUMAN HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, AND ECONOMY are intimately related to how well or poorly state policies suport sustainabilty in these area or subsidize their destruction.

So do you want to come back yet and see what is posted next? Just bookmark and check back. Test post a comment on this if you want to help me work out the bugs in the code or just see how this works to begin.


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